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Oven light does not work If the oven light no longer works, believe it or not, a burned out light bulb is likely. You would think that something like replacing a light bulb would be trivial and self evident. Unfortunately, not always so with microwave ovens. Light bulbs may be typically located in any of 3 places: The Ice maker heater turns on for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. After the Ice maker heater turns off, the Ice maker harvest motor turns on. The motor will rotate in right direction for about 3 minutes, after this, water supply valve is turned on, then the valve is turned off, the test mode is completed.

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The red light your seeing is to your emitter receiver board for your ice maker. The blinking LED light can be flashing a code that will indicate the problem. If it flashes 2 times pauses and continues this while the door is open, it’s normal. Please review the error code sheet below to see what's going on with your ice maker. Try these fixes. If the ice maker had stopped suddenly when it was working perfectly well the first thing to check is the power connection. The plug could have come off by accident or maybe your power source is faulty.It may seem obvious but make sure you also check that the ice maker is turned on.

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It is Monitored and will alert you when it is time to change your filters. This works on a timer system, it does not know when you physically changed your filters. You will be alerted based upon the amount of time the faucet is in the on position (blue light will be blinking when on) with a blinking red light.

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Kitchenaid ice maker manual san ice level optics board diagnostics kitchenaid built in refrigerator kitchenaid side by refrigerator. Pics of : Kitchenaid Refrigerator Ice Maker Red Light Blinking TwiceIce Maker - No Ice Production. If the ice maker is not producing ice: Press the ON/OFF button to make sure the ice maker power is on. Check the home electric breaker. If the Check Water light is flashing Red, then the water supply is low. The control system checks for water every 20 minutes.

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