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Crash Course World History is now available on DVD! Mongols T-Shirt: In which John Green teaches you, at long last, about the most exceptional bunch of empire-building nomads in the history of the world, the Mongols!Crash Course. We make free, high-quality educational videos used by teachers, students, and learners of all kinds. 🌎 Join us! 👇

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John Dunlap, a Philadelphia printer, hastily ran off an apparently unknown number of copies. The American Revolution was a rare historical event. Unlike other successful uprisings it was not nationalistic: thirteen quarrelsome Colonies were united by their common history, language and...The Command Line Crash Course (also a Powershell reference). Writing Shell Scripts — William E F# Programming in Wikibooks. Real World Functional Programming (MSDN Chapters). Firefox OS. Algorithms Course Materials — Jeff Erickson. Analysis and Design of Algorithms — Sandeep Sen, IIT...

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In Crash Course World History #7, students examine the long, vibrant history of China, what has allowed this culture to thrive for over 2000 years, and how this area became the Þrst modern state. Crash Course videos should be used as an introduction to new ideas and concepts, an instruction to core ideas

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Crash Course World History #15. In which John Green teaches you about the Crusades embarked upon by European Christians in the 12th and 13th centuries. Our traditional perception of the Cru...Hi, I'm John Green; this is Crash Course World History and today we're going to learn. about the Roman Empire, which of course began when two totally nonfictional twins, Romulus. and Remus, who'd been raised by wolves, founded a city on seven hills. Mr Green, Mr Green, what...

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2. Google “Crash Course World History Renaissance” click on the first link select “The Renaissance: Was It A Thing?” Watch & Listen: Watch and listen carefully to John Green. Click on this button to see the transcript. Answer the questions below: Define: Renaissance