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HSM Bear Load .44 Magnum 305 Gr WNGC HSM-44M-15-N (50 round box) In territory that could prove to be treacherous in a heartbeat, it pays to be ever-vigilant and always ready. That's why HSM's exclusive Bear Load...

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Try the same test with the .44 magnum 180 grain XTP. I use the hsm 300 gr in my Rossi 92 for hunting mostly hogs but have taken deer with it,on the hogs average size of 150 to 200 lbs the hsm will do a complete pass through side to side, and we haven't noticed much expansion even after it passes...HSM Bear Load Handgun Ammunition packs a serious wallop. Leave nothing to chance when traveling through bear country. HSM's Bear Loads deliver incredible terminal performance on the biggest, angriest and most aggressive animals when it matters most.

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Hsm 44 magnum bear load

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I like HSM Hard Cast Bear Load. 305grn, It's affordable, and very mild to shoot, compared to some loads like leverevelution. Shooting some 357 Magnum Bear loads, 44 Magnum and some 45 Colt. Taking a shot with the Marlin 1894S 44 magnum, using the Hornady 265gr FP bullets, at a torso target, 200 yards downrange; just ...

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HSM® (High Precision Range) Bear Load Handgun Ammo was developed to protect fishermen and backpackers when traveling in bear country. HSM Bear Loads shoot 15 Brinell hard-cast, gas-checked lead bullets for maximum penetration and stopping power.

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Three of the most practical bear back-up handgun cartridges available are: (from left) Buffalo Bore’s 10mm Auto 220-grain hard-cast load, Garrett’s .44 Magnum 310-grain hard-cast load, and Buffalo Bore’s .480 Ruger 330-grain Dangerous Game monometal load. All are non-expanding, deep-penetrating bullets with wide, flat noses.